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Crafts for Fourth of July : DIY Flag Soaps

A red, white, and blue Fourth of July themed soap with silver stars next to a P&J Trading red, Strawberry Shortcake Fragrance Oil bottle.

Fourth of July is not complete without fireworks, great food, fun activities, and a little patriotism. There is something unique about sitting outside, soaking in the sun as we spend time with friends and family on this day. Thus, as a reminder of all the special aspects 4th of July brings, we decided to make American Flag inspired soaps! 

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What is Fractionated Coconut Oil

A drawing of a coconut split open with the text: "Coconut Oil" on a white background.

We want to continue our series with a very popular carrier oil known as fractionated coconut oil! Regular coconut oil has a wide variety of uses including cooking, baking, creating candy, or making confections. However, fractionated coconut oil is commonly used in cosmetic based products. 

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