Meet the Family

During a family celebration, two siblings, a brother and sister, found themselves immersed in nostalgic conversations, exchanging stories associated with cherished memories. Their collective yearning for a means to revive the past while fostering new moments within the family ignited a vision. Recognizing the potent link between the olfactory senses and human memory, they envisioned a product that could seamlessly intertwine the two. This vision brought the establishment of P&J Trading, sprouting from the heart of our family home.

-P&J Family
At P&J, we truly believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. That's why we've made it our mission to bring you the finest Premium Grade Fragrance Oils, all proudly made right here in the USA. These aren't just any oils – they're the result of careful craftsmanship by our master perfumer, certified by the International Fragrance Association, ensuring a concentration and formulation that's truly exceptional. But it's not just about quality for us; it's about doing what's right. We're committed to ethical practices, which is why our fragrance oils are not only top-notch but also completely vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. We take pride in our rigorous precision and meticulous attention to detail, putting safety at the forefront. It's our way of catering to the diverse needs of our amazing clientele – whether you're a craft enthusiast, a parent, or a kid with a love for creativity. We're here for each and every one of you.
At P&J Trading, we're all about keeping things simple and down-to-earth. Our core values are family, honesty, and innovation—they're the backbone of everything we do. Think of us like one big family, working together to make sure every customer gets top-notch service. We believe in being open and honest in all we do, weaving these values into our creative efforts. Our main goal is to appreciate each person, and that includes you—our valued customer. We want to treat you like family, providing the kind of service you'd get from a family member. Whether you're a small business owner or just enjoy crafting for fun, our values are here to connect and support you. At P&J Trading, we're dedicated to bringing people together through our commitment to doing things right and focusing on you, our fantastic customer.
We seek to bring the heartwarming essence of cherished memories right into your homes. Think back to the comforting whiff of chocolate chip cookies baking or the sweet aroma of cotton candy made during cozy gatherings with family and friends. At P&J, our goal is not just about uniting families; we're here to spark your creativity through the magic of our Fragrance Oils. As you dive into the world of P&J Fragrances, it's not just about scents; it's about unleashing your imagination. Picture crafting lavender-infused soap, whipping up snicker-doodle bath bombs, or even experimenting with a delightful vanilla slime. The canvas is yours to paint! Our aim is simple: to bring joy into the hearts of families and crafters, no matter the season. Whether it's the crunch of fall leaves, the cozy vibes of winter, the blooming energy of spring, or the sun-kissed days of summer, we're here to infuse your home with the perfect scent for every moment.