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Body or Massage Oil

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As an alternative to lotions, body oil offers a great way to keep you skin hydrated. Plus, it can be very realaxing too! Follow along in the easy recipe below to learn how to make your own scented body or massage oil.

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Ingredients and Method


  • 4 oz Massage oil Base *Carrier Oil of Your Choice: Olive, Apricot, Hemp Seed, Sweet Almond, etc.
  • 15-20 drops Hawaiian Ginger or P&J Fragrance Oil *or Blend
  • Sterilized Container & Lid


  1. In a glass, non-food use dish, mix the fragrance oil and carrier oil; feel free to blend carrier oils as well as fragrance oils for the glide and aroma you prefer!
  2. After the oils are fully blended, pour mixture into a sterilized container.
  3. Please Note: For external use only
Products you will need
  1. Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil
    Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil
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