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Add Scent to an Old Candle

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Does the scent of your candle ever fade? Candles sometimes began to fade as the wick burns and our noses get used to the smell. Simply follow along in the recipe below to learn how to add scent to a candle. By adding a few drops, it will strengthen the scent of your candle and your room will feel cozy once again! 

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Ingredients and Method


  • Island Life or Preferred P&J Fragrance Oil
  • Unscented or Old Candle


  1. While unlit, simply add a few drops of your preferred fragrance directly to the candle wax (near the base of the wick).
  2. Once lit, the candle will throw the aroma of the fragrance oil you added.
  3. Please Note: Never add oil to the candle while it is lit or burning.
Products you will need
  1. Island Life Fragrance Oil | P&J Trading
    Island Life Fragrance Oil
    As low as $4.75
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