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Fragrance Oil Uses | P&J Trading - FAQ

What are fragrance oils used for?

Fragrance oils have many uses that you may not be aware of. They are one of the most versatile oils available on the market. For more ideas visit our Recipes or DIY Blog!

Our premium grade fragrance oils can be used in but limitied to:

Bath Bombs

Sometimes known as bath ‘fizzies’, bath bombs are a simple but luxurious bath indulgence that can literally change your entire life after a hard day or any day really. When you add a bath bomb to your bath water, it will fizz and create a soak in your tub that is moisturizing to your skin. Using fragrance oils with a bath bomb will enable you to add a custom scent to your bath time.


Aromatic candles are a very common decoration and can be used to create a more welcoming environment for your home. Using fragrance oils with your candles can make a difference to the feel of your home.


Want to set a mood or evoke a special feeling? Using a simple fragrance oil diffuser can be a wonderful way to uplift or change the environment. You can choose from our range of unique scents to match the season or theme you want to create.

Laundry & Cleaning

If you want to create a specific scent for your fresh laundry, then adding a small amount of fragrance oil to the wash, or to the dryer cycle can make a difference. Try some fresh seasonal fragrances to add warmth or freshness to your clean clothes.


Want to add a unique aspect to your perfume? You can safely use premium grade fragrance oils to help you to customize your personal perfume.


Leave an impression beyond the written word with a unique fragrance that lingers on the paper. Adding a few drops of a premium grade fragrance oil makes your stationery more unique and memorable.