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Fragrance Oil Ingredients| P&J Trading - FAQ

What are the ingredients in P&J oils?

Fragrance oils in general are made up of a mixture of over 100 natural and synthetic ingredients specifically engineered for varying purposes (e.g., burning oil has a high alcohol content whereas premium quality is designed to be skin safe, and has little to no alcohol content). The exact ingredients as well as manufacturing procedures are considered "trade secrets"-just like perfumes- and are protected by the FDA so we are regretfully unable to go into much detail regarding specifics. However, we can identify the staple ingredients approved by the IFRA, International Fragrance Association, for use in fragrance oil manufacturing. These ingredients consist of; plant-based carrier oils and essential oils; Aldehydes; Esters; and some variation of amines, ethers, ketones, lactones, terpenes and thiones. All our oils are phthalate and DPG free. The above ingredients can be simplified in that fragrance oil manufacturing includes essential oils, aroma chemicals, and aromatic resins. Of these three types of ingredients, there are several layers of ingredients used to create the finished fragrance oil. Due to the amount of engineering involved in designing a scent, it is treated similarly to a commercial recipe in that the exact ingredients and percentages are protected and cannot be disclosed.