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Valentine's Day: All About Love Scents

A Box with Roses which Reads "LOVE" on a background bed of pink and red roses.


“Love is all that I can give to you

Love is more than just a game for two

Two in love can make it, take my heart and please don't break it

Love was made for me and you”

- Nat King Cole sing in “LOVE”

These famous lyrics, of course, inspired our P&J Family to create our LOVE Collection of fragrance oils. Thus, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be perfect to discuss various ways you can use this set of oils! Simply follow along below to learn about the scents included, what blends well together, and some of our favorite crafts to make for Valentines or just because!


Our Love set includes a combination of sweet and silky fragrances which are perfect for diffusion in home or DIY crafts as gifts! The sweetest scents include Passion Fruit, Orange, and Lotus Blossom. And Rose, Amber, and Vetiver take on a more robust aroma. Each fragrance is designed to bring a romantic ambiance to any home.


Follow along to learn what we think each fragrance represents:  

  • Amber is a sensuously sophisticated scent with its delicate musk and sweet top notes. 
  • Orange reflects an uplifting and invigorating aroma of freshly peeled orange slices.
  • Passion Fruit gives off a deep, tart experience leading to a blend of various tropical fruit.
  • Vetiver smells like fresh grass with hints of deep herbal with a smooth depth. 
  • Rose replicates a real rose which is lush, redolent, and a strong full bodied scent.
  • Lotus Blossom offers a wonderful floral scent with a slight fruity undertone.


Read below which oils we think blend well together in our Love Collection:

  • Amber + Rose develops a sweeter and silky rose scent with hints of musk. 
  • Orange + Cranberry creates a unique blend that is both spicy and crisp; resembles a cozy autumn evening.
  • Passion Fruit + Mango encompasses a sugary yet fresh aromatic experience of tropical fruits.
  • Vetiver + Sandalwood develops a more masculine and woodsy scent with hints of green lush. 
  • Lotus Blossom + Warm Vanilla Sugar is the perfect blend of fragrance for a more feminine aroma with sweet floral hints and warm sugary goodness.  


Here are a few favorite ways to use our Love scents:

Click on any of the above DIY Blogs and watch how to make a skin care recipe or homemade craft for Valentine’s Day! Simply switch out the given fragrance oil for one in our Love set.