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Spring Picnic Date : The Essentials

P&J Picnic Collection with watermelon on the packaging resting on a white blanket with sunglasses, real watermelon, pink lemonade, and a brown bag sitting next to it.


Springtime picnics are magical! Whether you are at a park or in your backyard, there is something so relaxing about eating your favorite finger foods and soaking up the warm spring sun. As the weather begins to warm up, a picnic date or even a backyard picnic party is the best way to kick off an early summer. Thus, we wanted to share with you how to enhance your date or party with our Picnic Collection! Follow along below to learn about each scent included and how to use it around your home or on a date.


Our P&J Picnic Collection features fun scents that will truly give you the ultimate picnic ambiance. The fragrances included range from sweet scents like Ambrosia and Watermelon to sugary aromas like Pink Lemonade and Cola. This set also encompasses a unique green blend of Fresh Cut Grass and the fresh scent of Peach. Each fragrance offers a different and exciting scent profile that you can choose from for your date or party! 


Follow along to read about what we think each fragrance encopasses:

  • Ambrosia offers a heavenly mixture of our favorite berries with hints of light cream. 
  • Cola reflects a true “Coca-Cola” scent with fizzy, sugary, and sweet notes.
  • Pink Lemonade is a sweet, fruity, and sugary aromatic experience.
  • Peach encompasses the tasty aroma of juicy, ripe peaches with light vanilla.
  • Watermelon takes on a sweeter and sugary scent, almost like candy.
  • Fresh Cut Grass holds a unique scent profile of true grass and green undertones.


Read below to find out which oils from our Picnic Collection blend well together:

  • Ambrosia + Cinnamon reveals a spicier aromatic experience with hints of fruit. 
  • Cola + Red Cherry offers a fun smell of a true cherry coke. 
  • Pink Lemonade + Watermelon creates a very sweet and sugary drink scent mixture. 
  • Peach + Mango develops a fresh fruit combination with hints of tropical goodness. 
  • Fresh Cut Grass +  Patchouli creates an earthy aroma of green tones with fresh dirt.


Here are a few ways we like to use our Picnic fragrances on a date or in the backyard:

  • Pick an aroma, like Pink Lemonade or Fresh Cut Grass, from the collection and diffuse in your backyard or home to create the best experience. 
  • Make your own peach scented lotion! Simply grab unscented lotion and add a few drops of P&J Peach Fragrance, stir, and enjoy. Bring with you on your next picnic date. 
  • Diffuse Watermelon or Cola on your way to the park to get in the picnic mood. Follow along in this quick DIY Tutorial to learn how. 

What is your favorite go-to picnic destination? Let us know in the comments below!