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Spring Cleaning Tips with Fragrance: Fresh & Clean

Spring with a person standing in the middle of a messy room and cleaning supplies.


“SPRING CLEANING”. Yep, we said it! According to the Webster Dictionary, spring-clean means a thorough cleaning done in the spring. However, we all know what really goes into the so-called spring cleaning escapade. For some, the first sign of spring cleaning is the denial of the act, the acceptance of no longer being able to walk through the garage, the sweat and possible tears while organizing and reorganizing again, and lastly the relief when it is complete. For others, unlike most of us here at P&J, love the thought and cannot wait to reorganize that overflowing closet or cluttered bathroom. Whether you love it or can’t stand the thought of it, we want to share spring cleaning tips you can follow to make life a little easier! Plus, we want to highlight some of our top, favorite Fresh & Clean Fragrances!


Make a Cleaning List. Preparation is key when it comes to tackling spring cleaning activities. Write down each area of your house or apartment and the specific nooks and crannies that need a deep clean. For example, if you are focusing on the living room, make sure to write specific objects like the couch, windows, book cases, or televisions. The cleaning checklist helps keep you organized as you reorganize the house around you! Plus, it’s always fun to check any task you have accomplished on your way!


Organize the Clutter. Get rid of it or find a place if it’s a must! Most of us know that we just feel THAT much better when the house is completely organized. You are able to wake up with one less stressor on your mind and ready to take on the day. In other words, it is one less aspect you need to worry about! We like to start with the bathrooms first because it is usually the last area of the house we wait to de-clutter. We then move to the kitchen and then to the bedrooms.


Work from Top to Bottom. Whether this is organizing a kitchen cabinet or dusting your home appliances, this is important to remember. We believe it is easier to organize from top to bottom as you pull objects out and place others inside. It helps keep us from getting too overwhelmed and calling it quits altogether. This is also important to understand when wiping or dusting surfaces. If you don’t work top to bottom, dust will fall from the ceilings or higher object and you will have to clean surfaces over again.


Rotating Turntables are Your Friends. Lazy Susans help organize the clutter most likely found in your kitchen cabinets or refrigerators. It easily separates smaller objects like spices or larger foods like snacks for you kiddos. Once in place, it also helps you stay organized for longer! However, if you are going to use a rotating turntable, make sure it is easily accessible for everyone living in the house. Otherwise, it will become cluttered in the matter of no time. 


Fresh & Clean Fragrances. We want to highlight some of our favorite P&J Fragrances for spring cleaning. You can easily make room sprays to freshen the smell in your bathroom with these fragrances or make your own DIY cleaning supplies. One of our top favorite Fresh & Clean fragrances is Cucumber Melon! This fragrance is an invigorating and refreshing aroma of cucumber combined with the sweet, full-bodied scent of fresh melon. If you want something with a more potent, cleaning scent, try our Fresh Cotton. This will leave you with a fresh aroma, wanting to fall into your bed and never get up! 

What are some of your tips you rely on through your spring cleaning? Be sure to check back later and learn how to make your own DIY cleaning supplies!