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Scents for Summer : All About Our Summer Collection

P&J Summer Collection box with peaches on it resting on a peach colored background with the words "summer".


As the sun lightly kisses your skin, the salty air softly moves through your hair, and the warm sea gently covers your sandy toes… ahh finally, the start of summer. Here at P&J, our family absolutely loves everything about summer. We love the long beach days that blend into warm summer nights. Whether you are crafting away or heading on more adventures, it is the perfect time for some family fun! With summer on its way, we decided to highlight our Summer Collection for June’s Oil of the Month. Follow along to learn all about this collection and how to incorporate each oil into family fun time.


This collection features unique and beautiful fragrances we think represent a true summer ambiance. From the typical summer floral of Plumeria to the ultimate essentials of Pina Colada and Ocean Breeze. This collection also includes fruity yet fresh scents like Coconut, Mango, and Strawberry. Combined, you have every necessary scent for a true vacation right in your home! Read below to find out what we believe each fragrance smells like.


Here is what we think each fragrance oil encopasses:

  • Peach offers a tasty and juicy aroma of a real peach with hints of sweet freshness.
  • Ocean Breeze reflects a crisp, yet salty air with strong undertones of fresh cotton.
  • Coconut is a traditional tropical aroma with its rich, nutty, and creamy sweetness.
  • Plumeria encompasses a refreshing and delicate scent, holding true to a real plumeria.
  • Pina Colada takes on a tropical pineapple and coconut rounded with warm rum notes.
  • Strawberry holds a strong, sweet scent with hints of fresh yet sugary goodness. 


Read below to find out which scents from Summer Collection blend well together:

  • Peach + Brown Sugar will have you drooling as it develops a peach cobbler scent.
  • Ocean Breeze + Freesia creates a unique blend of light floral with fresh sea air.
  • Coconut + Mango forms a delicious aromatic experience of a rich tropical escape.
  • Plumeria + Patchouli reveals a sweet top note yet holds strong earthy undertones.
  • Pina Colada + Pineapple offers a juicy and robust aroma, replicating the tropical drink.
  • Strawberry + Vanilla develops a creamy strawberry aromatic experience. 


Here are just a couple of ways we like to use our Summer oils throughout our home! Simply click on any link below and follow the DIY:

What are your favorite ways to use our Summer Collection of Six?