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  • Soap Making: What to Know about Hot Process Soap

    Over these past couple months, we have discussed two different soap making processes which you can find here: Melt & Pour and Cold Process. This month, we are diving into a third process known as hot process. Follow along below to learn all about the fundamentals of this soap making process!
  • How to Make the Perfect Pumpkin Spice Candle

    You really autumn know... we absolutely love everything fall; especially a cozy candle for home. That is why we wanted to share with you how to make the best cozy candle with wood wick. Plus, this candle is a scent blend of pumpkin spice aroma!
  • Halloween Scents : Behind the P&J Fragrances

    “No tricks, just treats” is correct! This 2020 Halloween might look a little different than others, but it is not cancelled. Celebrate with us here at P&J Trading with our Halloween Collection. Learn more about this collection and ways to use it around your home below!
  • DIY Bath Melts: How to Make Brown Sugar Bath Melts

    It’s officially Fall! Get ready with us, here at P&J Trading, for those Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cozy blanket cuddles, and pumpkin patch shenanigans. To kick off the season the correct way, try making this DIY Brown Sugar Bath Melt.
  • Soap Making Process: All About Cold Process Soap

    Last month, we discussed the basics of Melt & Pour Soap and everything you need to know for the beginner soap-maker. Today, we are moving along with our soap making series and sharing all about cold process. Make sure to follow along below if you want to learn about the fundamentals of cold process and some tips from us at P&J!
  • Make Your Own Perfume Oil, Body Spray, Massage Oil

    At P&J Trading, our family believes that self-care is a vital aspect of not only life but your everyday routine. Whether this looks like taking a day off to rest in your jammies or creating crafts you love, it is important! Thus, we wanted to share with you three extremely easy self-care creations that you can pamper yourself with after.
  • All About Island Life Fragrance Oil

    The beach peeking through your backyard window, the sand shifting under your feet, the sea lightly kissing your toes... ahh the beauty of island life. Don't you wish you could just bottle up all the island memories and keep them with you? Well, look no further, we bottled up our own version of Island Life! Read all about our new scent, and oil of the month!
  • Summer Scented DIY Crayons for Kids

    Need something to do with all those broken crayons? Gather them up and create your own DIY scented crayons with fun summer fragrances like mango and smores. This is a super easy craft you can do with your kiddos that will leave them busy after the crayons are ready to use!
  • Handmade Soap: What to Know About Melt & Pour Soap

    There are several types of handmade soaps ranging from melt and pour to cold process. This may seem overwhelming when choosing which recipe as a first-time crafter. Thus, our P&J Family wanted to discuss the easiest way to make a professional, handmade soap. Follow along below to learn all about melt and pour soap and how to make your own!
  • Homemade Bath Bombs: Summer Beach Look

    As we reach the true heat of summer, sometimes, the best feeling in the world is taking a refreshing bath. Imagine placing the perfect homemade bath bomb in your tub and drifting away to the dream vacation. Follow along in the instructions below to create your own escape right in your home with ocean breeze fragrance!

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