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Quick Tips: How to Make Your House Smell Good

Bright candles being lit by a person's hand on a table with leafs.


When you step into a home, one of the first details your notice is the smell. Sometimes, this is a very pleasant scent and you associate the home as nice. There are also other times where the experience is a little different and you want to make a run for the outside. However, you might wonder why you can never smell your own home and asked others to try and describe the scent. This is quite impossible as you experience nose blindness every time you step into your own home. Thus, to make sure your guests feel welcomed not only by your loved ones, but the smell, follow the six tips below to help make your house smell good.


If you are in a rush as people are headed over to your house and are worried about the smell, make sure to grab our P&J Room Spray. Our delightfully delicate aromas will encapsulate and entirely remove unwanted odors while leaving a sophisticated, natural fragrance behind. This P&J room spray can help eliminate odors caused by pets, smoke, grease, spicy foods, sweat, musk, and other general, unpleasant smells. This especially works well in small places that tend to stink like bathrooms! Our room spray also works well to quickly freshen bed sheets when you are in a rush and can’t get to the washer. 


One area in your house that holds bad odors is right by the front door or mudroom if shoes are left! The combination of dirt, sweat, and heat (especially during the summer) can quickly stink up the entrance of your home. One way to mitigate this issue is through a shoe insert or deodorizer. Simply choose a P&J Fragrance Oil and grab you smelly shoes. Follow along in our DIY Deodorizer to make your own and freshen the entrance of your home!


A classic way to make your home smell better is through candles placed throughout various rooms. Additionally, a great way to customize your house scent is through homemade candles. This gives you the option to pick and choose from your favorite fragrances. Plus, there are many benefits to having candles throughout your home! It can help you relax and create a cozy, safe ambiance. 


We have all been there before… you walk into your kitchen and you are hit with that “fridge smell”. However, no matter how hard you try and find the source of odor, sometimes you just can’t find it! Thus, one way to keep your kitchen fresh is through a quick do-it-yourself fridge freshener. Simply add 15 drops of a Fresh & Clean Fragrance Oil, 1/2 of baking soda, and an open container. Mix together, stick in that stinky fridge, and have the kitchen smelling fresh once again. 


One of our favorite ways to quickly freshen a room before the guests come over, is a diffuser! By adding a few drops of P&J Summer Fragrance, it can create a memorable and inviting experience for all people. Whether you are having a small get together, birthday party, or baby shower, there are fragrances for every occasion that will leave your house smelling amazing! 

How do you keep your house smelling great? Let us know in the comments below!