By P&J Trading

P&J Products

The International Fragrance Association exists to make sure you can safely use different Fragrance Oils for your enjoyment such as our products. For that reason, our master perfumer is an active member of IFRA. Thus, understands the requirements of creating premium grade oils. This is why P&J adheres to the IFRA standards because we care for you and your well-being.

Manufactures and burning grade Fragrance Oils are amongst the lowest quality oils you could purchase. These types of oils are not recommended for topical use even though can sometimes be found in hair products or lotions you buy at the grocery store. Another great reason to develop your own fun bath creations!

Therefore, we make sure our products are strictly premium grade. We follow all International Fragrance Association guidelines. This means our Fragrance Oils are completely safe to use in various products such as cosmetic, lotions, or other topical products. Check out P&J’s variety of recipes you can make! Even though our Fragrance Oils may smell delicious, you should never ingest P&J products.

Since we love animals and you, we make sure our oils are not only premium grade but also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

P&J Packaging

P&J wants to let you know our products are made and distributed from the USA! We only make and distribute our Fragrance Oils from the USA because we can adhere to the highest IFRA standards. We are also reside in the United States and, therefore, it is our home. Our family wants to make you and your loved ones feel just at home. Thus, we bring our home to you.

We make sure to package each bottle with love and care from our family. Each person wraps individual products with your order. We also place a fun and educational pamphlet inside our packages. This helps you learn more about us and how to use our Fragrance Oils. There are fun recipes and DIY ideas such as personal care and even slime making! We hope each package brings a smile to your face as you remember old and create new memories. Our Fragrance Oils are from our home to yours!