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Pineapple Summer: Behind the Scents

Pineapple Fragrance Oil in front of a pineapple fruit.


There is something so refreshing about biting into a juicy, cold pineapple after a long summer day. This is why, here at P&J, we created our P&J Pineapple Fragrance Oil. This fruity fragrance evokes memories of white sandy beaches and clear ocean waters. As someone breathes in this pineapple scent, it can instantly transport you to that perfect tropical island for summer. It is a great combination of sweet and fruity while simultaneously creating a strong robust aroma. Follow along below to learn how you can add this pineapple scent to your summer! 


Blending pineapple fragrance can be enjoyable on those hot, summer days to come! If you want to make your own pina colada blend, simply combine  P&J Coconut and Pineapple together. While having the ability to mix fragrances, you can choose how strong you want the scent. Other oils that blend well with our Pineapple are Mango, Lemon, or Bergamot. Once you find your personal aroma, simply place in your diffuser on a hot summer day!


Since our Pineapple Fragrance is stronger or more of a robust scent, it can easily mask other unwanted smells. These smells are especially prevalent, during the summer, in cars or trashcans. For trashcans, add five drops of Pineapple Fragrance Oil to a cotton ball or cotton pad and insert in the bottom! For cars, place the cotton ball or pad in the center console or air vent and refresh as needed. If you are using in the air vent, do not allow the cotton ball or pad to sink too deep into the vent so that you cannot retrieve it. Close the vent on the cotton just enough so that it will allow air flow without dislodging the cotton. 


Smell like summer all day long with a lightly scented pineapple roll-on! Simply grab a glass vial with a roll-on applicator, pour fractionated coconut oil into the bottle, and add Pineapple Fragrance. Apply to your wrist as needed!