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Oil of the Month: Holiday Fragrances to Say Thank You

Thanksgiving decorated background with give thanks text.


 November is the month of giving thanks or gratitude. As kids, we are all taught to say the phrase: “thank you." However, sometimes in our lives, these simple words can become a meaningless habit as we grow older. Thus, it is very important to take the month of November to truly reflect on what you are thankful for when you say, “thank you”. Gratitude or giving thanks is so much more than these few words. Much like our holiday scented fragrance oils, The act of gratitude can also enhance your daily wellbeing and health while reducing stress and anxiety. 

Here at P&J Trading, we sat down and made a top 4 list of what we are thankful for this month! Why only 4 and not 5 or 10? We did this so we could focus on each point throughout each week in November. Thus, we wanted to share this list with you and encourage you to do the same! Plus, we want to share some of our Holiday Fragrances that help us remember to give thanks and show gratitude throughout November. Follow along below to find out what we are thankful for!



Here at P&J Trading, we are thankful for every family member who is part of our fragrance team. From Jennifer and Patrick who are brother and sister to Natalie, Brian, and Andrew who are Patrick’s children. From Grandma and Grandpa to Aunts and Uncles, we are truly one big family who seeks to bring happiness to not only you but each other as well. We are thankful we have the opportunity to work with family and are grateful P&J has grown outside the family as well. Thus, for the first week of November, we chose to highlight our Apple Pie Fragrance Oil to help us remember how thankful we are for family. One of our Uncles makes the best apple pie!


Our big P&J Trading family is so incredibly thankful for you, our amazing customers. You are the reason we continue to do what you do. We seek to bring you what you like, want, and need. Whether that is a fragrance to help escape to another place; or a fragrance to help you grow your business to what you envision; or simply a fragrance to give to someone you love. We truly appreciate how you have helped us grow and want to help you grow as well! This is why we chose our Snickerdoodle Fragrance Oil to show how thankful we are of you. We believe our snickerdoodle reminds us of how sweet you are to us!

Our World

We are thankful for this amazing world that is all around us. We cherish this place we get to call home and how we can look outside and take in its beauty. Here at P&J Trading, we are fortunate enough to live in a place where we can experience the ocean and mountains. Additionally, we love all the scents our world provides us. Thus, the reasoning behind the creation of our Forest Pine Fragrance Oil. It is a fresh of breath air that reminds us of our cherished planet.


Our P&J Trading family is thankful for the holidays whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day. We are grateful for the holidays as it brings people together, family or not. It is a time for people to reflect, remember, and bring joy to one another. One aspect of our Thanksgiving Day that we cherish is going around to each person and saying what we are individually grateful for. Thus, to remember our gratefulness of the holidays, we decided to highlight our Cranberry Fragrance Oil. It is the perfect combination of tart, spicy, sweet, and crisp which are some of the emotions that come along with each holiday.

Thank you for reading along with us today! Please sound off in the comments below and let us know what you are thankful for this November.