By P&J Trading


Only 21 more days until Christmas! But who’s really counting? We are for sure! Here at P&J Trading, our family has no shame as we count down the hours until Christmas day. We love to celebrate our Christmas cheer with everyone around us, especially with you. Today, we want to share some of our favorite winter scents and fragrance oils we at the P&J family love to use during our Christmas celebrations. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we reminisce the various family traditions that when paired with holiday scents and fragrances they help us bask in nostalgia today.


Our P&J family absolutely loves to decorate the entire office altogether (even though sometimes we do this before Thanksgiving). We play loud music, bring cookies, and decorate everything and anything with Christmas spirit. After we decorate the office, we all sit down and frost our Christmas cookies. It is the perfect time to spend together as we prepare for the rest of the holidays with one another. Of course, while we are decorating, we have our Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil in the diffuser. This sweet, light, and airy scent helps us remember how important it is to spend time with our loved ones.


We don’t know about you, but we do not mess around with our Christmas sweater party at P&J Trading. Our family loves some good ole competition with who can come up with the most hideous Christmas sweater. There is something so special about getting together and laughing at every sweater someone has on. Our favorite oil that pairs well with any Christmas celebration is, of course, Christmas Wreath Fragrance Oil. We love this oil because it reminds us of the true Christmas cheer. Plus, it smells exactly like a real Christmas tree!


To keep our Christmas cheer going, we fill the air with our Candy Cane Fragrance Oil. Of course, this pairs well with the mass amounts of candy canes we place throughout the office. We also love to combine our candy canes with hot cocoa throughout this time. Some might believe we also spend a little too much time on our cocoa station, but it is the perfect ingredient to brighten someone’s day.


The most important day of all, Christmas day, is our favorite time to spend with each other. There is nothing like spending a whole day with friends and family who you care about the most. We love to remember this day with our Mistletoe Fragrance Oil; it is a refreshing scent with hints of warmth and coziness.

These are just a few of our family traditions at P&J Trading, but make sure to check out our DIY Christmas Wreath Craft blog post right here! What are your traditions throughout Christmas time? We would love to know in the comments below! AND one of your favorite fragrance oils you use too :)