By P&J Trading


Imagine yourself driving down a one-lane highway in your dream car. You roll down the window and feel the warm wind ruffle through your hair. As you slow down, you look to the side and see the waves crashing on the white sand. You come to a stoplight and a take in a deep breath of the ocean air. The salty air wisps through your car as you continue down the coast. You think to yourself; it’s finally summer!

The month of June is tied to the start of summer which is filled with sunshine and positivity. Summer is known as the time to relax and have fun. This could consist of spending more time with your kiddos or experiencing new adventures. Maybe even creating more P&J Trading crafts for yourself or as gifts! Thus, stay tuned for more do-it-yourself content headed your way for the beginning of summer fun.


Here at P&J Trading, Patrick and Jennifer love the summer months. Each sibling reminisces as they breathe in our Ocean Breeze fragrance. They remember going to the beach the minute school was finally out. Our fragrance oil reminds Patrick and Jennifer of the beach days which consisted of spending time with friends and family. Jennifer would lay out on the sand for hours looking out into the sea. Meanwhile, Patrick would stay in the ocean all day whether he was swimming or surfing in the waves. Thus, for the start of summer, we wanted to highlight our ocean breeze fragrance as our oil of the month.


The ocean represents several aspects which we like to think of when we experience our fragrance. The vast body of water resembles a sense of chaos while simultaneously creating stability. Chaos can occur during summer months as most of us balance work and the need to have fun. However, through our fragrance, you can experience the sense of calmness or stability the ocean has to offer.

Even though some of us do not have the ocean next to us as we drive, our ocean breeze can take you there. We have bottled up the perfect airy and salty scent which resembles the summer months to follow. You can simply diffuse our ocean breeze fragrance in your office or home. Thus, it can take you to your favorite beach or vacation spot!

Our P&J Trading family wants to help bring the beach to you. One of our lovely customers, Denielle, revealed how our ocean breeze “smells lovely! Just like a fresh ocean breeze...makes me feel like I'm on the beach.” We value you and want you to enjoy your summer months and as always, we love your feedback.