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Mood Enhancing Scents with Fragrance Oils

Lavender, Orange, Vanilla, Bubble Gum P&J fragrance oils.


According to one of our beloved customers, Matthew said, “So good, you’ll wonder who you are… really pretty fantastic scents though. Buy them. Lose yourself. Be one of those enigmatic cologne advertisements.” So, why does it matter if we know about Fragrance Oils? P&J Trading’s oils smell great, right? Who cares about how the Fragrance Oils affect us…wrong! It matters because there are so many positive things that come from our noses. Thus, we wanted to share with you some amazing aspects which our Fragrance Oils can do for you. And some remarkable things your body is able to do!


We have approximately three-hundred active olfactory receptors working hard every day. But what in the world are olfactory receptors? These little neurons are in charge of finding out what smell enters your nose! So, when you are breathing in your favorite floral oil, your olfactory receptors are working hard. Your nose is even able to distinguish millions of different fragrances through a large family of smells. Just like our P&J family, diverse and working hard! Your smelling senses can influence your everyday life. These senses are linked to your memory, emotion, time, and productivity.

This sense of smell has effects on your stress, mood, social performance, and working habits. These effects take place because the fragrance affects the central nervous system of your body. But wait, this sounds scary! No, not at all because these effects are positive. Various fragrances lead to different moods, memories, and motivations. We have created a table below to show you the various ways our fragrance oils can affect your central nervous system with mood enhancing scents. However, this may not apply to everyone who uses our fragrance oils as everyone’s body is different. (please do not eat our oil, simply smell or apply and enjoy.)


Orange: reduces anxiety, increases positivism, adds calmness

Peppermint: increases level of energy, helps with alertness, enhances memory

Lavender: reduces the amount of stress, lessens pain intensity, decreases unpleasantness

Ylang-Ylang: lengthens processing speed, increases calmness, reduces anxiety

Jasmine: rises well-being, increases fresh feeling, encourages romance

*research derived from personal testimonies of P&J Trading team  


We want you to feel amazing when you use our products. Thus, we wanted to share with you some ways that you can feel when you take in a deep breath of our Jasmine or Lavender. Fragrance Oils are not only delicious to smell but have many other positive aspects. Click more articles to find out about your olfactory system and memories! Also, leave a comment and maybe get featured like Matthew did. We love to hear from you, always. :)