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Month of Love: More than Valentine's Day

Hands in the shape of a heart.


February is more than just one day of sharing appreciation for others on Valentine’s Day. This time, especially here at P&J Trading, is recognized as a month full of love. Why celebrate love for one day, when you can every day? We aren’t saying to ditch Valentine’s Day altogether, but instead, recognize those you love at least once a day this month! 

Although, we sometimes fall short of recognizing our loved ones. Thus, our P&J family created a list of feminine and masculine fragrances that are not only perfect for this month of love but Valentine’s Day as well. Follow along below to find out what fragrance oils are great gifts for loved ones during this time of love!



As one legend reads, Cupid dipped his arrows in honey to fill a lover’s heart with sweetness. We don’t know about you, but we think this is the cutest facts we have heard when it comes to love. Additionally, while flowers and chocolates may be a go-to, our P&J family believes our Honey Fragrance Oil reflects the sweetness Valentine’s Day needs. Honey not only resembles sweetness but can resemble your loved ones nickname as well, whether this is your significant other or kiddo. With honey’s sweet and savory scent, we believe it is a perfect feminine fragrance gift to show your sweet side to your loved one.


Not only is our Honey one of our favorite feminine scents for the month of love, but our Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Oil is as well! This Warm Vanilla Sugar contains soft notes that are like sugary, vanilla baked goods which brings a smile to your face every time. This fragrance oil is one of our favorite scents because it makes us feel so cozy and safe as it wraps around you like a soft hug. In addition, Warm Vanilla Sugar is the perfect feminine fragrance because it is so light, calming, and soft. Plus, your significant other can easily blend this fragrance with other scents he or she might like as well!



With its dark earth tones, the Teakwood Fragrance Oil is one of our top masculine scents. According to Rugged Man, an amazing P&J customer, this fragrance is his “personal favorite go-to oil and all of [his] guests who come over love the scent”. He even uses our Teakwood for his own men’s cologne! Both men and women alike love the aromatic rugged outdoors and woodsy smell this oil offers. Some like to refer to Teakwood as “The Boyfriend” because it smells exactly like the cologne their significant other wears. With this being said, it is obvious Teakwood is perfect for this month of love!


Unlike Teakwood, our Clove Fragrance Oil offers a different type of scented masculinity. Clove fragrance oil gives off warm hints of spice. This oil is for your significant other who likes a more subtle masculine scent when mixed with other ingredients. Clove pairs well with other oils such as our Warm Vanilla Sugar or Sandalwood.


Whether you or your loved one likes feminine or masculine scents, these are great additions to Valentine Gift baskets. Or just to show you are thinking of them! You can use these fragrance oils to make body lotions, body oils, or even diffuse to create that special ambiance!