By P&J Trading


MOM DAY! It’s all about mom on Mother’s Day! This day is truly a time to show just how much you love and appreciate your momma, no matter who that figure is to you. It is a time to reflect on how much love she has shown you over the years and spend time with her. Thus, in order to show how much we care for all the moms out there we created a Mom’s Fragrance Oil Set! Our P&J Family created this set with six fragrance oils we believe represent our moms and many moms around the world. Read a short explanation of each oil chosen and how one might hold a special significance to your relationship with your mom! 

Café Mocha 

We understand, here at P&J, how much our moms rely on coffee to get through those hard days. Whether those days consist of taking care of three little ones or three teens. We remember how our mommas always smelled of delicious café mochas as she drove us to endless sports practices or woke us up in the morning. Thus, we added Café Mocha as one of our first fragrance oils to Mom’s Set. This is an oil that helps us remember the times our moms have always been there for us. 


Not only are magnolias beautiful, but this flower has a deeper significance relating to mothers and Mother’s Day. Magnolias are said to represent beauty, joy, or endurance. We chose Magnolia as our second fragrance oil in our Mom’s Set because each of these descriptive words related to all moms! Mothers should bring so much joy into a home. She is gorgeous inside and out. She also endures so much as she takes on several roles to raise a child. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar 

A mother’s hug is like a sweet and warm embrace that leaves you with an uncontrollable smile. When we smell our Warm Vanilla Sugar, it brings us back to those sweet and warm memories. Thus, we added Warm Vanilla Sugar to our Mom’s Set to help you remember the sweet moments shared with your mom. 


The daylily is famous for its gorgeous appearance and symbolic association with motherhood. There are also many different bright colors of lilies just like there are many different types of mothers. Each mom is unique and special in her own way and what she is to her family. Thus, our P&J Family added our Lily Fragrance Oil to our Mom’s Set to reflect on how each mom out there is amazing in her very own special way. 

Peaches & Cream 

We had to add our Peaches & Cream Fragrance Oil to our Mom’s Set because it smells absolutely delicious. It also reminded us of how our mother’s would spend hours making us meals and amazing treats. We remember walking into the house with the scent of peach cobbler filling the kitchen. This oil not only represents how sweet moms are but how hard they work for each family. 


Last but not least, our P&J Family chose Freesia as our last oil to add to our Mom’s Set. The freesia flower is said to signify thoughtfulness, trust, and friendship. We chose this oil because our moms are also our best friends. We know that we can trust our moms with anything we tell them. Additionally, we believe every mom is thoughtful as she guides her children through life.

From our P&J Trading Family, we want to wish every mom a very happy Mother’s Day. We hope each oil represents a unique aspect of you and your relationship with your kiddos!