By P&J Trading


We love our Lily Fragrance Oil! Thus, we wanted to highlight our lily scent as our oil of the month. And plus, if you didn’t know, the lily flower represents the month of May! Even though we do not have a fun story to go along with this fragrance, we found some fun details about the lily flower. However, if you want more stories behind our other scents, just click on our “Oil of the Month” tab! The lily flower not only represents May, but also symbolizes happiness, humility, and sweetness. Here at P&J Trading, we want to represent these three aspects just like the lily flower does.


When we look at a lily flower, sometimes it is hard to not smile. There is something so unique and wonderful when looking at this flower’s various colors. It spreads joy just as we hope to do for you through our oils.

We want our P&J Trading family to represent happiness inside and outside of our offices. We open every workday with asking each other how everyone is. We feel this helps us understand how each member is doing. Plus, we are all human and want to feel cared for. Especially in a family! We even have one of our family members who loves to decorate her office with smiley faces. It helps us to remember to relax and enjoy everyday we can together.

But more importantly, we want to make YOU happy as well. Our P&J Trading family cares about you and how you are doing too. We want you to not only enjoy our product, but to make long-lasting happy memories. Whether you use our fragrances for yourself or as a gift, we want to spread happiness to every one of you.


Humility can be seen as a lack of pride and to step out of the center of the stage. Sometimes, this can be hard to do for companies or people. However, we must remember to be like the lily and let other flowers shine instead.

Our P&J Trading family does not want to be put in the spotlight of the stage. We do not want to be the important ones. Yet, we want to help each of you feel important. We love to hear feedback and how to help you more! Whether it is a comment or an improvement, we want to grow for you.


The lily can reflect such sweetness in its appearance and scent. It reminds one of our family members of childlike sweetness and innocence. We love to be sweet to one another as we are a family. Since you are part of our family, we want to be sweet to you too. Whether it is through our communication or our scents, we hope to resemble sweetness. It is also important to remember to not lose you childlike sweetness. We want to help you spread this lily sweetness around to your friends and family!