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How to Make Perfume at Home with Fragrance Oils

Close up of perfume oil bottles on a table with white flowers


Instead of buying those expensive brand perfumes, you can actually make your own with P&J Trading fragrances! Not only is this a fun craft but it allows you to place your own desired base and top notes together. It is also a learning craft because fragrance oils interact differently with each person’s skin. Once you properly dilute the oil and carefully place it on the skin of course! The oil will then produce different scents on your skin than your friend or family member’s skin.

Additionally, we have all heard the cliché phrase “look good, feel good”. However, have you ever heard of “smell good, feel good”? Most likely not, we overlook how we smell sometimes and how much this affects us. Today, we want to help you learn how our P&J Trading oils can give you that extra “oomph” or “pep” in your step. Whether you are going out or staying in, we always want you to feel good about yourself!


Ah personal hygiene, yes, we know it’s very important. Most of us remember an awkward time in our lives where we needed to start worrying about how we smelt. However, we tend to look past this when we are older because it’s second nature. Do you remember the last time you were getting ready for a nice night out? You might remember needing that little extra boost of confidence most of us desire. So, you quickly sprayed on that perfume as you were heading out the door. It’s true, from personal testimonials, that perfume can give you an extra boost of confidence. Whether you are spending time with friends, family or going to that very important business meeting.

Most of us know when the room smells of bad body odor. You might be wondering and dreading if it might even be you. We have all been there before! However, through perfume, you can have the confidence knowing you smell great. You can focus and be in the present of where life takes you knowing you have the confidence to easily carry on.


Not only does fragrances or perfumes help you have confidence, it can make you more attractive. However, do not go emptying the whole spray bottle all over yourself! As this can be overpowering to some. The sense of smell is very important in how we are attracted to other people. Thus, it is important to lightly place the perfume in certain areas where other people can pick up on them. That is one reason we are taught to place perfume or fragrance on our neck. It is also known that this is where a fragrance might hold longer as well.

Perfumes can help make you memorable to the person you first meet. Some of us remember that special person in our lives instantly when we smell a certain scent. This is because perfumes bring back memories of that person. Whether they were wearing lilac or rose, you remember the person because of their scent. This can even help when you are going on that first date or job interview and want to be remembered!


Fragrance oils or perfumes can also help enhance ones mood. Certain fragrances can help to feel happier or to work harder. To learn which oil specifically help enhance your moods, click on our “Education” tab on our blog. Not only do fragrance oils enhance your own mood when you spray it on, other people around you as well. You can also place different perfumes on your body to represent how you may be feeling on a particular day!

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