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How to Make a Room Cozy: The Benefits of Candles

Small blue candle that is lit.


Throughout this time of uncertainty in sickness, some of us might be feeling anxious, stressed, and a little worried. This is okay as it is completely normal to have these feelings as we are merely humans. However, instead of continuing to foster negativity or anxiousness, we want to take today to focus on the good! We want to share with you how to make a room cozy in your home with candles. There are several benefits to lighting candles around your house that will ultimately lift your mood while at home. Please follow along below to learn more!


Ambiance is defined as the mood, quality, or atmosphere of an environment. You can use candles to create the type of environment you want! Here at P&J, our family loves to create a cozy and comfortable ambiance throughout our home. We love how the consistent flicker of light beaming off the walls encapsulates an intimate atmosphere. Through adding a few candles in your room, you can create a warm environment that is not only inviting for yourself but others as well.


The consistent flicker of flame not only creates a cozy environment, but also improves the way you feel. The gentle glow candles bring a room soothes your mind and relaxes your body. This is one reason why therapists such as masseuse use candles throughout the room. Throughout this time of anxiousness or stress, try and light a candle to lift your mood and calm your mind. There are also certain types of fragrances like Lavender which can help relax you as well.


Once your mind and body is relaxed, candles can also help you to focus on positive aspects of your life. Through creating a cozy and safe environment, you can allow yourself to reflect on the day or week you had. Some like to focus on the flame as a way to enter a meditative state. Many people find it easier to focus their mind if their eyes are focused on one object like the consistent burning of a flame.


As our P&J family has shared with you before, different scents bring back great memories. For example, we like to make Pina Colada candles for our home because it reminds us of all of our family trips we took together over the years. Candles also have the ability to take you to different places around the world. Let’s say it is a rainy day and you are missing the sunny, beach days during the summer months. Simply make or light an Ocean Breeze candle that will take you right there!


Our personal favorite candle which helps create the ultimate cozy room and enhances our moods is wood-wick. Wood-wick candles give off a slight crackle which makes us feel like we are sitting by a warm campfire. What is your favorite type of candle? If you want to learn how to make your own candle, check out our DIY Winter Candle post!