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How to Make a Lavender Candle

Mason jar filled with fresh lavender.


Show your mom some extra love this Mother’s Day with a handmade candle. Whether for mom or for you, this calming candle is a perfect addition to a spring aesthetic. Scented with P&J Lavender Fragrance, your home will fill with a bright bouquet of fresh, flowering English Lavender with a delicate finish. Learn how to make this DIY in the step-by-step video above or read the written instructions below! And from our P&J Family to yours, we wish all the moms a very Happy Mother’s Day.


  • 2 Tbsp P&J Trading Lavender
  • Soy Candle Wax 
  • 12oz Jar 
  • Double Boiler
  • Heat Surface
  • Spoon
  • Thermometer
  • Purple Dye Block
  • Wood Wick
  • Scissors 
  • Twine & Dried Lavender


  • Fill a 12oz jar with soy candle wax twice.
  • Pour the wax  into the top pot twice.
  • Place the bottom pot with water onto the heat surface. 
  • Set to medium heat and place the top pot in water.
  • Let the wax melt while occasionally stirring. 
  • Turn off the heat surface and remove pots.
  • Check the temperature until 185°F.
  • Pour in 2 Tbsp P&J Trading Lavender Fragrance. 
  • Add a purple dye block and stir. 
  • Check the temperature again until 150°F.
  • Set wood wick inside the 12oz jar.
  • Pour in melted wax.
  • Let the finished candle cure for 3 days.
  • Cut the wick one inch from the top.
  • Finish with twine & dried Lavender.
  • Gift to Mom for Mother’s Day!