By P&J Trading


Two siblings, a brother and sister, came together for a family celebration in 2005. Both were chatting together as they sat on an old rustic couch outside. Each sharing memories with one another as their childhood home behind them was filled with contagious laughter and happiness. As they were reminiscing, each wished there was something that could bring back the old and create new memories within the family. Thus, the brainstorming began of what product could emulate such a specific wish and follow their own core values. The siblings found the perfect product to create and share with all. Thus, Patrick and Jennifer founded P&J Trading in 2012.


We seek to bring back and create enjoyable memories throughout every one of your homes. These recollections can come from scents you experience growing up, like the smell of chocolate chip cookies or time spent with family and friends making cotton candy. Patrick and Jennifer not only want to bring families together but encourage creativity through the use of P&J Fragrances. Through the use of our Fragrance Oils, you have the ability to use your imagination. You can develop new creations such as lavender soap or snicker-doodle bath bombs, maybe even a vanilla slime. We want to bring joy into the homes of families and crafters no matter what time of the year it is. Whether it is fall or winter, spring or summer, we want to bring any scent of choice into your home.


Our valuable customers deserve the very best and top of the line product. Which is why it is our mission to only sell Premium Grade Fragrance Oils. This means the oils are highly concentrated with enhanced formulations specifically designed by our International Fragrance Association certified master perfumer. We make sure the oils are completely vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Due to our preciseness and care, it makes the use of P&J Fragrance Oils safer. This is for each and every one of our customers whether you are a crafter, mom, dad, or child.


P&J Trading core values are family, honesty, and innovation. We want our organization to resemble one big family. Additionally, we work together hand in hand in order to provide for every customer. The P&J family wants to uphold transparency and honesty through our creation and innovation.


Most importantly, P&J Trading values bringing you the world. We want to serve every customer just as we would a family member. Our company core values strive to bring people together no matter who you are. We are one big family. Our family seeks to make members by sharing our love of past and present memories through our oils for everyone.