By P&J Trading

Spring, for some, is the time for a fresh start and new beginnings. It is a time to reflect and reorganize. Whether it is your house or your goals for the year. Here at P&J Trading, spring is a time of reassessing where we are and maybe adding some new oils to our collection in the future (hint, hint). However, spring is also a time of adventure and exploring new activities. This can be through making fun spring crafts with loved ones. Or maybe even venturing outside and enjoy the smells of nature around us! Such as long hikes or sitting in the park soaking up the different experiences around you.

Thus, for April, we wanted to highlight our Grass scent as oil of the month! This spring scent reminded us how we need to take time to enjoy the outside. Our Grass oil encouraged us to take our workday outside and enjoy the sunshine. We sat in the grass outside and talked with one another. We reflected where we have been and how we would like to move forward.

One of our family members shared how we are like grass as we want to continue to grow for you. We want to best learn how to bring the world to you and serve your every desire. Along with grass, comes growing and the growing pains of different seasons. This is where we reflected on how even though we want to serve your every need, we are not perfect. Yet, the grass continues to work hard to better itself just like this family does here at P&J Trading.

Additionally, this idea of grass took us back to our own memories of being children. Patrick remembers playing in the field as he grew up. He spent his elementary school through high school years playing football with the neighborhood kids. Patrick remembers coming home, smelling like grass as grass stains were all over his clothes. Yet, he still felt that sense of pure joy from playing outside all day on the grass. His hard work and fun created a blissful memory in his mind when he smelled the grass scent for the first time at P&J Trading. We must not forget our childhood memories. As they help us to remember to have a little childlike fun and maybe get outside to play.

We hope you enjoy this grass scent! Whether it is out in the open fields or bottled up in a P&J Trading package. We want to help you create these memories with your loved ones and hold on to them forever. You are part of our P&J family too.

We would love to hear some of your experiences or memories being outside as well! Please share in the comments below :)