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Fragrance Oil Scents & Fond Memories

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Have you ever been walking down the street and a scent hits you like a brick wall? It might be the flower bed next to you or the fast food joint around the corner. You take in various scents and fragrances everyday whether you are in your home or outside. However, it is a different experience when you breathe in a particular smell and your mind instantly takes you back to a memory. Today, we want you to learn about how fragrance oils help you remember your memories. Hopefully, great memories which you cherish when you smell our fragrances!


Here at P&J Trading, we had the wonderful opportunity to take our fragrances into a college classroom. We wanted to share with the students how fragrances can help people remember certain memories. Thus, we spread out various scents such as our Bubble Gum, Root Beer, and Marshmallow. We asked the students to take their time smelling our fragrances. Then, we asked them to smell the same scents again and to think of any memories popping up in their minds. We loved hearing some of their responses! One of the students shared with us how our Root Beer fragrance reminded her of her grandma. She told us how when she was younger, her grandma would take her to the candy shop every Sunday. They would spend time together outside as they ate their root beer candies. The student was so happy which made our day. We love to bring back special moments, especially those with loved ones!


But how was this student able to make the connection with our Root Beer fragrance and her grandma? When you touch or taste something, these senses go straight to a section of you brain called the thalamus. What in the world is a thalamus!? It is your brain’s relay station. Thus, your thalamus sends your taste and touch senses to your memory section. There, your mind can make a connection and remember past experiences.

With smell, it is much different than your other senses like touch and taste. When you breathe in that flower or restaurant, the sense goes straight past that relay station! It travels right to the memory section of your brain. Which is known as the olfactory bulb. Now, to learn more about your olfactory function, just visit our educational posts! This is where your mind makes the connection of the memory with the scent you are taking in. Thus, the student’s brain in the story above made the connection of root beer with her grandma.


We think this is fun to learn about! Also, it is important for you to understand how your body works when using our products. You can also pay closer attention to the different memories not only that you are remembering but those you are making with loved ones. Additionally, it is helpful to understand this when designing various crafts such as soaps or bath bombs. It can help you put yourself in the shoes of those you want to give your crafts to!


We care about YOU and want to hear about your memories. Whether it is past memories or the memories you have made with your loved ones. You are always welcome to share with P&J Trading as you are part of our family too!