By P&J Trading


Do you remember your grandma’s signature perfume? Or maybe your first significant other’s scent? No matter who it is, most of us have experienced a time when you were hit with a fragrance and it instantly reminded you of that person. Signature scent can come from the act of “fragrance layering”. If you want to create your own personal fragrance that people will instantly remember you by, then follow along in tips below and learn more about how to layer your scent. 


Most will say fragrance layering is merely placing several types of perfumes on your body. Perfume is an important factor to creating your signature scent, but it really starts elsewhere: the shower. This may seem silly, but the shower is where you begin your fragrance journey. The type of soap you use while taking a shower or bathing is the first step. Soap is the first scent placed on your body as you are getting ready for the day. It is the scent that other people smell when your perfume begins to wear off. Thus, we recommend starting with a light-scented soap to create your base. It is important to use soap that has similar notes as the perfume you use.


Pairing your lotion with perfume, is a great way to start the experimentation process of layering fragrance. After you shower, it is important to apply a moisturizer to your body whether you are layering scents or not! If you are layering, the fragrance molecules are looking for something to bind to, so natural moisture helps each note surface throughout the day. You may opt for an unscented lotion to bring out your intended perfume. This is also a safe method as the unscented product is less likely to interfere with perfume. Another option is to compliment your favorite perfume with a light-scented lotion used after you shower.


Less is always more when it relates to the process of blending fragrance or perfume. It is easier to start experimenting with two to three fragrances to create your signature scent. You also want to refrain from putting on several layers as this is too potent for other people. When blending your fragrance, make sure to create a base scent. We recommend possibly starting with a base such as sandalwood or vanilla and rose. These are typically musky or heavier bases that will pair well with a lighter or fruiter scent. 


The best way to master the art of layering fragrance is to purchase complimentary products from the same manufacturer. However, if you are feeling adventurous and crafty, this process takes experimentation. Try different soaps with lotions and fragrances that work best with your body! Let us know in the comments below if you have tried layering your scents before.