By P&J Trading

At P&J Trading, we seek to bring joy and happiness into your homes. Our team works to find an enjoyable scent. We do this through creating our innovative environment. We bring our minds together and brainstorm which lucky oils are another addition to our collection. For this month, we would like to place our lovely floral scents in the spotlight.

It is the time of the year when most people say, “April showers bring May flowers”. But who’s ready for those flowers already?! Thus, we want to focus on how we created our floral oils and the meaning behind some scents. It is our oil theme of the month. We want to bring back those fond memories of Spring as it is right around the corner!

Our floral scents were one of our first creations as a team here at P&J Trading. We came together and decided we needed to spice things up and keep you on your toes! Thus, we created our “brain-machine day”. This day served as the mark of when we would come together and create our new list of oils. We declared on this day that no idea was a bad one. Therefore, please leave your comments below on which oil you think we should add. We love to hear from you!

We first decided that our floral oils needed a rose scent because it was Jennifer’s favorite. It helped her remember the rose flowers outside her childhood home during those Spring months. She would walk, run, and skip down the sidewalk next to the rose beds. However, she never failed to stop and smell the roses. She would frequently look past the rose beds and see her mom cooking dinner in the kitchen window. This helped her remember that even when life is speeding past us, there is a time to stop and live in the moment. We hope this oil helps you to remember life’s little treasures with your loved ones as it does for Jennifer.

Not only did our rose oil bring back memories for Jennifer but so did our other floral products for the rest of our team. We cannot forget about our beloved Patrick, right?! Don’t worry, he came up with his favorite floral oil and added it to the list as a must. When he opened the gardenia scent, Patrick instantly knew the oil needed to be added to the collection. It did not bring back any memories, but he knew it would create one for him. It brought him to areas around the world where gardenia grows. Even though he was not there, he was able to close his eyes and imagine himself surrounded by this flower. Thus, the gardenia oil emerged. Our oils cannot teleport you across the world, but we hope we can bring the world to you.

Patrick and Jennifer have their favorite floral oils, but there are many more available. Some other favorites from the P&J team are lavender, jasmine, and lilac. It can bring Spring to your door just a little bit quicker! These floral oils are perfect for creating spring diffuser blends for Spring-cleaning time that most of us sometimes dread. Or forget that cleaning and make some St. Patty’s Slime with your loved ones!