By P&J Trading


Let’s not skip over spring too fast as some of us might be getting ready for summer already! The P&J family wants to help you soak up spring as much as you can. Whether spring is your favorite, or you are just ready for that summer sun. We need to take time to stop and enjoy every season of the year! Thus, we have created three lovely spring fragrance oil blend recipes for you to make.

The earthy blend will bring you to the garden without doing all the planting! It can take you into the woods as you experience different scents such as patchouli and frankincense. Second, we have our fresh blend for you. This blend will help you feel relaxed as spring can become busy with various schedules. It is as if you are taking a deep breath of fresh air. Lastly, we have our classic spring floral blend. This mixture can help bring back lighthearted memories of rosemary and lavender scents from your life. Your friends and family will step into your home feeling wonderful as they breathe in these homemade blends!

Your house will be filled with spring aromas in no time if you combine our specific fragrances together. Simply combine these oils together, adding more drops than the required amount if desired. Don’t forget to add a carrier oil which will increase the amount of oil inside the bottle. Once mixed together, simply pour into a small bottle and place diffuser oil sticks inside. This will create a soft yet pleasing scent in your home.