By P&J Trading


Father’s Day is not only a day of celebration, but a day to show appreciation through reflection or time spent with that person you love. Thus, our P&J Family chose specific oils to develop a Dad’s Set! This set was created for the memories spent with our dads, making crafts and completing other house projects. Follow along below to learn more about the chosen fragrance oils in Dad’s Set and ways you can use them for or with your dad on Father’s Day.


Some of the best memories derive from family traditions. Here are just a few P&J Father’s Day traditions that pair well with our Fragrance Oils!

1. Serve Dad Breakfast in Bed

Serving Dad breakfast on Father’s Day is one of our favorite traditions here at P&J. Thus, we had to add Bacon and Coffee to our Dad’s Set. This is the perfect addition to diffuse while making breakfast or to remember that sweet memory.

2. Give Dad a Handwritten Letter

There is something so special and different about a true handwritten letter to a loved one. Thus, here at P&J, we took this special moment further through adding a little scent to the paper. Simply add a few drops of Bay Rum to the paper, let dry, and begin your hand-written letter. This is a gift any dad will love!

3. Get Outdoors with Dad

Our P&J Family loves to spend time with Dad outdoors! Thus, we added Clove to Dad’s Set. It is the perfect combination of smooth, spicy undertones with soft top notes that remind us of the sweet moments spent outside. If you can’t get outside this Father’s Day, you can give this to dad to diffuse.

4. Build Something Together

Another great tradition that we have at P&J is making something with Dad. This can range from woodwork or even small crafts. Thus, we added Fresh Cut Wood in remembrance of making something with Dad! You can diffuse these oils or add it to a do-it-yourself craft like aftershave!

Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite traditions with Dad on Father’s Day are!