By P&J Trading


A carrier oil, otherwise known as a base oil, is typically a plant-based product. This oil is extracted from a seed or nut that can moisturize your skin. Additionally, this product is also used alone or with fragrance oils. Carrier oils can help dilute certain oils and help combine other ingredients for personal use. Furthermore, carrier oils help transfer the fragrance and additional ingredients onto your skin. In other words, the base oils help fragrance oils and other ingredients last longer on your skin. This also means that it is important to carefully choose your carrier oil because it can directly effect your skin.


Carrier oils are not only used with fragrance oils but may be used in various DIY crafts such as facial or body scrubs. Thus, today we want to discuss with you some of our favorite base oils that work well with different skin types. Please follow along below if you want to find out what carrier oil works best with your skin!


As we said before, every skin type is different and you should always be careful when choosing a certain carrier oil! Here are a few non-comedogenic base oils that work well with most skin types below:


This carrier or base oil is frequently used in body care products such as lotions, soaps, bath bombs, or shampoos. Jojoba oil works well for most oily skin types because it is not only moisturizing but reduces sebum. What in the world is sebum you might ask yourself? In short, sebum is a natural oily wax substance produced by your body’s sebaceous glands. Through using jojoba, the oil reduces oily wax and adds a healthy moisture to your skin. This base oil is also a light moisturizer, thus, it is not overwhelming to your skin. Additionally, jojoba oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.


Despite the name of this carrier oil, rosehip seed oil does not smell like roses or flowers! Instead, rosehip seed oil takes on a softer wood scent which blends nicely with fragrance oils such as Vanilla. This carrier oil works well with most dry skin types because of its fatty acid properties. In addition, this base oil is said to improve tightening of your skin, reducing inflammation, and helping prevent unwanted acne. 


We not only love this base oil because of its pretty name but also because it’s suitable for various skin types. Evening primrose works best with both oily and dry skin types. Like other oils, evening primrose helps fight redness in skin, especially when acne is involved. It also reduces inflammation and is said to diminish clogged pores as it fights off unwanted sebus from your skin. Then what sets this base oil apart from others besides working well with both various skin types? Evening primrose oil contains high amounts of gamma-acid which better helps fight those clogged and irritated pores.


Tamanu oil derives from seeds that grow on tamanu evergreen and is used in Pacific Island cultures. Historically, people used this oil particularly to heal various skin ailments. Not only is this oil beneficial for both dry and oily skin, it also helps acne scarring or brown spots. It can help when you have a bad sunburn as some say the oil soothes your skin.


With all of these excellent choices to pick from, you might be asking yourself, “how do I choose the right carrier oil for my skin?”. Don’t worry, we have included a few tips that we like to personally use when choosing a carrier oil to blend with our fragrance oil and ingredients. 


A great way to find your carrier is by choosing a main oil, like jojoba, and blending it with another like tamanu. This particular combination works well for our dry skin here at P&J Trading. Another great tip to always consider when choosing a carrier oil, is the non-comedogenic scale. This scale will help guide you when picking the perfect oil for your skin. However, the biggest tip we can give you is that finding a perfect combination of oils for your skin takes experimentation and time. Also, never substitute a lower price over quality! Your skin is very important and you deserve that better carrier oil over others because it makes you feel better! 


Please let us know in the comments below what carrier oils you use for your skin! Also, check out more content on carrier oils and how to use them with body scrubs here.