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DIY Bath Bomb Tips & Tricks

Three different colored DIY bath bomb stacked on top of each other over a dark background.

From not sticking together to crumbling once dried, our P&J Fam has run into a few issues along our bath bomb making journey. Thus, we formed a list with a few of our favorite tips that we learned over the years! Follow along to learn about our top tips and tricks for making the perfect bath bomb with P&J Fragrance Oils. 

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Homemade Soap Tips and Tricks

A dark wood background with various light brown soaps and P&J Fragrance Oil bottles.

The joys of homemade soap include the freedom of creativity, customized scents, and smiles from those you share with! However, before you decide to go make your next handmade Christmas gift, it might be a good idea to find out which soap method is best for you! Read below to learn about each process and a few tips to go along with it.

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Tips for Candle Making with Fragrance Oils

Lit candles resting on burlap with shadows in background.

Candle making is a true art and is a great way to express creativity with those around you. Although, when we first started out, creating candles tends to come with a little frustration until you find your ideal recipe. Thus, we wanted to share with you how to skip the frustration with a few tips we wish we knew when we first started DIY candles.

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