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Using Argan Oil as a Carrier Oil for Skin

A hand moving a clear bottle filled with yellow tinted argan oil on a white background.

Argan oil is commonly used for hair to moisturize and give it that shiny, healthy appearance.  Some people even consume argan oil as it contains healthy nutrients like linoleic acid, or omega-6. However, argan oil is also beneficial for topical skin use! Learn all about what argan oil is, how it’s developed, the pros and cons, and ways to use it.

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All About Sweet Almond Oil for Skin

Small, clear bowl filled with sweet almond oil against a white background.

When eating almonds, this delicious snack helps reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and bring down cholesterol levels. But, what happens when you place almond oil on your skin? Follow along in our third “What to Know Carrier Oil Series” and learn all about sweet almond oil for skin!

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What is Fractionated Coconut Oil

A drawing of a coconut split open with the text: "Coconut Oil" on a white background.

We want to continue our series with a very popular carrier oil known as fractionated coconut oil! Regular coconut oil has a wide variety of uses including cooking, baking, creating candy, or making confections. However, fractionated coconut oil is commonly used in cosmetic based products. 

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