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Easter Set and Easter Traditions: Behind the Scents

Easter Fragrance Oil Set with Easter egg wreath around it in a circle // in green grass.


Some of the top Easter traditions include dyeing Easter eggs, meeting the Easter bunny, consuming all the chocolate bunnies, gifting Easter baskets, partaking in Easter egg hunts, and attending Sunday services. One of the main reasons we love Easter, aside from all the fun celebrations above, is because it brings our P&J family together. Thus, for this oil of the month, we wanted to highlight one of our newest additions: Easter Set. Follow along to learn about how each fragrance oil we chose in our Easter Set reminds us of our Easter traditions!


Azalea flowers love to bloom in the March and April, thus making it the first fragrance oil in our Easter Set. Not only does this flower bloom in spring, but it also holds a deeper meaning within our P&J Family. The azalea flower is said to resemble taking care of yourself and other people around you. We find, especially during this time, it is important to focus on yourself and your loved ones. Every year, when Easter comes around, our family makes sure to check on those we care about and our Azalea Fragrance Oil helps us to remember to do just that.


“Mmmm”, who doesn’t love a delicious honey-baked ham? That’s right, we chose our second addition to our newest set because it reminded our P&J Family of brunch we have together on Easter Sunday. Not only does our Honey Fragrance Oil smell delicious, but helps bring back memories of family celebrations. 


Another classic P&J Family tradition is the ultimate Easter egg hunt in Grandma’s backyard. Although we are a little older now, we still participate in some healthy family competition. We chose our Fresh Cut Grass as the third oil in our Easter Set because it reminded our family of all the hidden eggs throughout the grassy backyard.


Of course our Jelly Bean Fragrance Oil had to make an appearance in our set! We chose this oil because of the numerous amounts of jelly beans we would find in our Easter baskets as kiddos. Our oil also reminded us of all the candy we ate and still eat as adults. You have to admit, no family holiday is complete without a few treats here and there.


The lily flower, otherwise referred to as an Easter lily, plays an important role during this time of family celebration. Lily plants are said to often symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope. And life. All of these attributes emphasize the spiritual essence of Easter. Our Lily Fragrance Oil was chosen for this set because it reminded us of all the hope and purity family gives us on Easter. There is something so pure about spending time with those you love.


One word… PEEPS! Another great family tradition, we love peeps here at P&J. We decided to add our Marshmallow Fragrance Oil to our latest set because no Easter basket is complete without marshmallow peeps.

Easter is a time of love, of family, and of peace. It is a time when we say a quiet thanks for all that we have and for all that the future holds. We hope you can spend this time with those you love and have a great Easter! What is one Easter tradition you and your family loves? Share in the comments below!