When we think of watermelon, most of us might remember those summer days of soaking up the sun rays. Maybe eating some watermelon too! You might think of sitting out by the pool, beach, or porch. Just taking in the warmth and happiness that summer has to offer you and your loved ones. Our P&J Family absolutely loves summer and usually start the season a little early!

Thus, for those of you who might be a little eager for summer to arrive like we are, try making our homemade watermelon soap with us. Here at P&J Trading, we are so very excited for the summer months to come. We even just made batches of these watermelon soaps this past week! These soaps not only smell delicious but offer a fun way to start off the summer with your little ones. Or maybe use as a gift for your friends and family! Besides, why not start the season a little early if you’d like?


  • Clear Glycerin Soap Base
  • Shea Butter Soap Base *optional goat’s milk or coconut soap base instead
  • Red & Green Soap Dye
  • Watermelon Fragrance Oil
  • Geometric Soap Molds
  • Wood Craft Sticks
  • Glass Measuring Cup
  • Poppy Seeds *optional black seed beads


  1. Cut soap base into small pieces and place into microwave safe measuring cup
  2. Microwave soap base until completely melted
  3. Mix desired amount of red soap dye with the melted soap base
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of P&J Trading Watermelon Fragrance Oil
  5. Pour soap mixture into your geometric soap mold *around 2/3 full
  6. Add desired amount of poppy seeds to the mixture, wait until a film forms and then sprinkle more on top of the mold
  7. Wait for the mold to completely solidify
  8. Melt a small amount of the white soap base
  9. Pour the white soap base over the solidified red melon and let it cool
  10. Again, melt another small amount of white soap base and add desired amount of green soap dye
  11. Then pour the green soap over the white layer
  12. Pop the soap out of the mold once hardened
  13. Cut in half or keep original shape and enjoy! :)