By P&J Trading


Sometimes, throughout long and tiring school days, our kiddos clothes or hair can become a little stinky. Whether that is due to the spilled chocolate lunch milk or sweat, we may never know. However, there are some ways to combat the stink yet cute kiddo smell. Thus, we want you to try making with us our DIY P&J Trading fragrance spray for both boys and girls! This way, your little one can smell and feel great throughout the whole school day. This only takes a few moments yet leaves a lasting impact on your child! 

You can simply give this to your little girl or boy to place in their backpack! When they want to use it, simply use the spray bottle on a brush or stained smelly shirt. 



  1. Combine all ingredients in your spray bottle and shake well 
  2. Let sit for at least 24 hours 
  3. Store in a dark and dry place 
  4. Shake well before use
  5. Ready to go with homemade fragrance spray for your little one as they head back to school!

From all of us at P&J Trading, we wish you a wonderful smelling school year! Leave us a reply and let us know how it worked out!