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  • Uses for Winter Fragrances in Your Home

    As we enter the full swing of winter, we wanted to highlight a collection that reminds us of cozy snow days: Winter Collection! This Winter Set includes 14 different types of oils that create the best memories with those you love.
  • Christmas Fragrance Oil Uses for Home

    When our P&J Family created the Christmas Collection, it was love at frost sight! All puns aside, the Holiday time and every Christmas fragrance oil along with it is our favorite. Follow along below to learn more about this set and how to use the fragrances throughout your home.
  • How to Use Harvest Spice Blend in Your Home

    Thanksgiving day is traditionally known as a time to give thanks for the harvest. It is a time to express a deep gratitude for the things and people all around us. Thus, we are highlighting Harvest Spice this month as a reminder to focus on positivity.
  • Halloween Scents : Behind the P&J Fragrances

    “No tricks, just treats” is correct! This 2020 Halloween might look a little different than others, but it is not cancelled. Celebrate with us here at P&J Trading with our Halloween Collection. Learn more about this collection and ways to use it around your home below!
  • All About Island Life Fragrance Oil

    The beach peeking through your backyard window, the sand shifting under your feet, the sea lightly kissing your toes... ahh the beauty of island life. Don't you wish you could just bottle up all the island memories and keep them with you? Well, look no further, we bottled up our own version of Island Life! Read all about our new scent, and oil of the month!
  • Bubble Gum Fragrance Oil: End of Summer Fun

    Those of us who grew up in the 80s knew what all the hype was about when your friend pulled out Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. Thus, we thought our Bubble Gum Fragrance Oil would be a perfect fun addition to bring back the nostalgia of childhood. Follow along to learn all about how to incorporate this scent to end your summer with some fun!
  • Pineapple Summer: Behind the Scents

    There is something so refreshing about biting into a juicy, cold pineapple after a long summer day. This is why, here at P&J, we created our P&J Pineapple Fragrance Oil. Follow along below to learn how you can add this pineapple scent to your summer!
  • Father's Day: All About Dad's Fragrance Oil Set

    Father's Day is not only a day of celebration, but a day to show appreciation through reflection or time spent with that person you love. Thus, our P&J Family chose specific oils to develop a Dad's Set. Follow along below to learn more about the chosen fragrances in Dad's Set and ways you can use them for or with your dad!
  • Mom Day: All About Mom's Fragrance Oil Set

    MOM DAY! It's all about mom on Mother's Day! This day is truly a time to show just how much you love and appreciate your momma. Thus, in order to show how much we care for all moms we created a Mom's Set. Read why each oil chosen might resemble your mom below.
  • Easter Set and Easter Traditions: Behind the Scents

    Some of the top Easter traditions include dyeing Easter eggs, meeting the Easter bunny, consuming all the chocolate bunnies, gifting Easter baskets and many more! Thus, for this oil of the month, we wanted to highlight our newest addition to the line: Easter Set.

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