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  • Attracted to Body Odor? : Nonverbal Communication

    Adornment looks like the application of makeup, clothing, or perfume to intentionally create a perception. However, there is also an unintentionally emitted olfactic cue which comes from our bodies. These emitted cues during first interactions creates the question if we are attracted to natural, body odors.
  • Fragrance Layering: Complete Guide to Layering Scents

    Most of us have experienced a scent before that instantly reminded us of another person. A signature scent can come from the act of "fragrance layering". If you want to create your own personal fragrance that people will remember you by, follow along in the tips below!
  • Scent Marketing: How It Works

    We have all been there before, you are walking through a mall and are hit with the most amazing smell that instantly grabs your attention. As the cinnamon swirl wraps around your nose, you have no choice but to give in to your sudden sweet crave. However, here at P&J, we know exactly what is going on: Scent Marketing!
  • How to Make a Room Cozy: The Benefits of Candles

    We want to take today to focus on the good! Our P&J family wants to share with you how to make a cozy room in your home with candles. There are several benefits to lighting candles that will ultimately lift your mood!
  • Perfume Ingredients: Oil-Based vs. Alcohol-Based

    Most of us, who've walked into department stores, are hit with that strong scent of perfume. There are several factors which play into the strong smell of perfume. We want to discuss with you the differences between oil-based and alcohol-based perfumes.
  • Educational: What to Know About Carrier Oils

    Carrier oils are not only used with fragrance oils but may be used in various DIY crafts such as facial or body scrubs. Thus, today, please follow along below if you want to find out what carrier oil works best with you skin!
  • About Us: Why P&J Made DIY Videos

    You have seen in previous posts, our New Year's Resolution: DIY Videos! Today, we want to explain the "why" or motivation behind our new videos for you,
  • Educational: What to Know About Shea Butter

    Simply put, there is nothing better than having perfectly soft and smooth skin every day. Everyone has a different skin type and most hold true to what they believe is best to achieve their perfect daily skin.
  • Educational: What to Know About Scrubs

    From salt to sugar, ground coffee to oatmeal, and almond meal to wheat bran…who knew there were so many different types of exfoliating scrubs! Usually, a bath scrub would include three ingredients which are an exfoliant, a carrier oil, and fragrance oil.
  • Educational: Selling Finished Fragrance Oil Crafts

    Some crafters have asked the question, “how do I state selling homemade products and crafts legally when they contain P&J Trading Fragrance Oils?” This is a great question as some of us might be a little confused and need clarification!

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