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  • Using Soy Wax - What to Know Candle Series

    Last month we discussed the pros and cons, as well as the controversial debate, of using paraffin wax. As our P&J Family continues our “What to Know Candle Series”, we wanted to share with you the basic aspects you should know when using soy wax.
  • Using Paraffin Wax - What to Know Candle Series

    There are various types of homemade candles ranging from paraffin to soy or palm to beeswax. This may seem overwhelming when choosing which wax to use in candles for the first-time crafter. Thus, our P&J Family wants to kick off our “What to Know Candle Series” by discussing the ins and outs of paraffin wax.
  • Soap Making: What to Know About French Milled Soap

    We are wrapping up our soap making series with the French milled process. Follow along below to learn about French milled soap and its various benefits.
  • Soap Making: What to Know about Hot Process Soap

    Over these past couple months, we have discussed two different soap making processes which you can find here: Melt & Pour and Cold Process. This month, we are diving into a third process known as hot process. Follow along below to learn all about the fundamentals of this soap making process!
  • Soap Making Process: All About Cold Process Soap

    Last month, we discussed the basics of Melt & Pour Soap and everything you need to know for the beginner soap-maker. Today, we are moving along with our soap making series and sharing all about cold process. Make sure to follow along below if you want to learn about the fundamentals of cold process and some tips from us at P&J!
  • Handmade Soap: What to Know About Melt & Pour Soap

    There are several types of handmade soaps ranging from melt and pour to cold process. This may seem overwhelming when choosing which recipe as a first-time crafter. Thus, our P&J Family wanted to discuss the easiest way to make a professional, handmade soap. Follow along below to learn all about melt and pour soap and how to make your own!
  • Quick Tips: How to Make Your House Smell Good

    When you step into a home, one of the first details you notice is the smell. Thus, to make sure your guests feel welcomed not only by your loved ones, but the smell, follow the six tips below to help make your house smell good.
  • Attracted to Body Odor? : Nonverbal Communication

    Adornment looks like the application of makeup, clothing, or perfume to intentionally create a perception. However, there is also an unintentionally emitted olfactic cue which comes from our bodies. These emitted cues during first interactions creates the question if we are attracted to natural, body odors.
  • Fragrance Layering: Complete Guide to Layering Scents

    Most of us have experienced a scent before that instantly reminded us of another person. A signature scent can come from the act of "fragrance layering". If you want to create your own personal fragrance that people will remember you by, follow along in the tips below!
  • Scent Marketing: How It Works

    We have all been there before, you are walking through a mall and are hit with the most amazing smell that instantly grabs your attention. As the cinnamon swirl wraps around your nose, you have no choice but to give in to your sudden sweet crave. However, here at P&J, we know exactly what is going on: Scent Marketing!

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