By P&J Trading


We all know that sometimes life can become a little messy. Especially on that nice new carpet in your home! You never know when your furry friend might come storming through your living room. All while leaving those muddy paw prints all over! Or even when there are those “uh-oh” moments when your little one spills the juice. And for the times you, yes you, spill your delicious dessert on your beloved white carpet. You spend what feels like forever finally getting the stain out, but it still has that long-lasting smell.

So how do you neutralize odors in carpets? Whether it’s a mud, juice, or chocolate scent, we have developed the perfect carpet deodorizer! In the matter of just a few minutes, your carpet will start to smell brand new once again! Unlike the normal chemical filled mixture, your DIY carpet deodorizer only needs three ingredients. Grab a mason jar with a shaker lid, your favorite fragrance oil, and baking soda! Possibly one of our spring scents for the month of May. Once these are combined simply place on your carpet and let it dry. Then you can enjoy your space once again without worrying if it smells of juice or mud!


  • 1 Mason Jar
  • Your Favorite Fragrance Oil *optional spring scent
  • Baking Soda


  • Fill the mason jar full of baking soda, then transfer into a large bowl
  • Add 30-50 drops of your favorite fragrance oil *optional spring scent
  • Mix the oil and then baking soda until evenly distributed
  • Take the mixture and place it back into your mason jar
  • Start shaking over stains or bad smells to enjoy :)