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Bonfire Fragrance Oil Set: Behind the Scents

A bottle of P&J Trading Smores premium fragrance oil, placed right next to a delicious smore.


July is finally here which means summertime is in full swing! Summer is the perfect time to relax and spend time with your loved ones. This month is also the time to have some good fun! One way to combine fun and relaxation is a classic bonfire. Here at P&J Trading, we love to spend time together at family bonfires. Thus, instead of just one oil of the month, we decided to highlight our entire Bonfire set! This includes our Smores, Night Air, Cola, Hot Chocolate, Campfire, and Fresh Cut Wood. Each of these oils was specifically chosen to make up the perfect bonfire essentials.


A perfectly soft marshmallow, melting chocolate, and two crunchy graham crackers define the ultimate smores. It takes skill in order to craft the perfect mallow as you cook it over the fire. Jennifer remembers as a kid how she would carefully place the marshmallow on the skewer over the fire until it was flawlessly cooked. On the other side of the fire, Patrick would set the marshmallow on fire and burn it! From this memory, we thought our Bonfire Set needed our Smores Fragrance Oil. You can enjoy our Smores scent as you are having your bonfire at your house or beach. Plus, you can continue the fun even when the bonfire is over!


Nothing says summer more than those warm nights outside. There’s something magical about spending time outside with your loved ones on a summer night. The P&J family remembers the late-night beach bonfires which were accompanied by the best weather. Our family would enjoy simply putting on some sweatshirts, bringing out the snacks, and starting the campfire. Thus, we wanted to include Night Air Fragrance Oil because it reminds us of those late-night bonfires at the beach together.


Our Cola Fragrance Oil has soft hints of sweet vanilla and sugary cinnamon. Sometimes an ice-cold cola is all you need while hanging out at a bonfire. However, if you don’t have that picture-perfect cola, simply diffuse our cola during your next bonfire. Cola gives your bonfire that ultimate summer refreshment. If you don’t know how to diffuse one of our oils, check out our DIY Favorite Fragrance Oil Diffuser Blends blog!


Sometimes, the night air is a little cooler than you planned, and the cola is no longer a refreshing thought. Thus, it is time to pull out the hot chocolate! One of the best feelings is sipping on that hot cocoa and watching the fire in front of you. Here at P&J Trading, we not only have bonfires at the beach, but while camping as well. And we never forget our hot chocolate! However, if it is too hot, we like to bring our Hot Chocolate Fragrance Oil. We love how it brings back the memories of sitting around the fire together and sipping our hot cocoa to warm up.


A true camping experience cannot be complete without a raging campfire! Camping around the fire is a great time to sit and talk to your loved ones. Some of the best conversations happen around the fire. However, if a campfire simply isn’t an option, use our Campfire Fragrance Oil to replicate the amazing scents of the outdoors. To us, a campfire resembles a light in our life. Just like we try our best to be a light in your life as well!


With campfires comes the need of fresh cut wood! When we smell our Fresh Cut Wood Fragrance Oil, we cannot help but reminisce our summer camping trips. The parents would go out and buy some fresh cut wood, the kiddos would go and collect all of the sticks they could for the campfire, and then we would all draw a number to see who would get to build the fire for the night. It brought us closer together and made for an unforgettable experience. We hope our wood fragrance oil brings back fun summer memories for you like it does for us, here at P&J Trading.