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A Fresh Start in The Workplace

Fresh green peppermint leaves on rustic burlap cloth.


STRESS. It’s that time of year. You might be heading back to school, work, or sadly ending a summer vacation. We all know heading back to school ultimately means the art of balancing homework, tests, and a social life. Meanwhile, if you're heading back to work, it means those long hours begin to drag on. Most of us have experienced that mid-week sluggish feeling of Wednesday. You have lost the Monday energy and can see the freedom of Friday lingering in the distance. Without proper rest, recreation, or exercise, this lack of energy will become worse. This might also drastically affect your personal working capabilities.

But wait a second! It’s easy to fall into a negative outlook when it pertains to the start of school or work routine. There are several ways to maintain that first day of school or work energy. Who doesn’t like a consistently positive attitude when heading to school or work every week? Thus, today, our P&J Trading family wants to discuss with you how to maintain your positivity and energy throughout your week.


Leisure or rest plays a large part in increasing your positivity and production at work or school. There are several ways to define the act of resting or participating in leisure activities. Some may consider leisure as sleeping or watching a movie. Others might think it is going for a run or playing a game. Our P&J Trading family likes to think of rest as what you personally define it as. Some of us cannot survive a day without working out and others love to go home and sleep. The importance of leisure is not what you are doing, but what will keep you motivated.


Now, no matter how much you rest there is still that mid-day slump. It hits around 2:30 pm and your body and mind are exhausted. You do your stretches and try to get the blood flowing, but your eyes continually close. Sometimes, you are just too swamped to get up and walk around. Luckily, there are other ways to wake up and continue your work at full potential. Simply diffuse our P&J Trading Peppermint Fragrance Oil. The peppermint aroma boasts countless benefits and will wake you up and get you through those last couple of hours, whether you are at school or work.


  • May reduce or relieve symptoms of IBS
  • Helps treat the pain from headaches and migraines
  • Can help soothe itchy skin
  • Fights against certain kinds of bacteria
  • Possesses a cooling anesthetic quality
  • The scent can help with concentration
  • Studies say it’s a powerful mood booster

Our favorite diffuser method for a classroom or office is as follows:


Scentball Plug-in Electric Diffuser

Your favorite P&J Trading Fragrance Oil *maybe P&J Peppermint for energy!


  • Add 5-10 drops of your favorite P&J Trading Oil to the pads
  • Place the pads back into your Scentball Plug-in Diffuser
  • Plug your diffuser in the wall & enhance your working experience!
  • Reapply your desired amount of oil to the pads as needed

And from our P&J Trading family to yours, we hope you are well-rested with energy ready to take on each day with positivity! Please let us know if you tried our Peppermint Fragrance Oil to give you a little pep in your step.