By P&J Trading


Some crafters have asked the question, “how do I start selling homemade products and crafts legally when they contain P&J Trading Fragrance Oils?” This is a great question as some of us might be a little confused and need clarification! Here at P&J Trading, we want all our crafters to feel confident when selling your own DIY product! Thus, for our educational blog, we want to share with you the “legalities” of selling your crafts to the best of our personal knowledge. Follow along below for more information!


As crafters, business owners, or hobbyists, our P&J family encourages you to use our fragrances in your crafts. Whether this is soap, bath bombs, scrubs, or more, you are welcome to use any fragrance you love! For this purpose, the fragrance oils would be considered a "raw material" and therefore would constitute an ingredient that made up a percentage of your finished product. In other words, you would not need our permission to use the product for your soap or cologne crafting or resale.


You can sell your finished craft or product with our oils, as long as you ensure you did not use our brand name or logo (P&J Trading) on your finished goods. If you did use the logo or brand name on your finished craft, this would be known as trademark infringement! While following this simple rule, you are in the clear to use P&J Trading products as an ingredient in your finished good. On the other hand, you would need permission from a brand if you wished to resell the physical product directly. This could potentially look like someone purchasing P&J Trading fragrance oil like Harvest Spice and directly reselling on your website or other direct sale venues.

Additionally, you would not need to list out on your finished label under "ingredients" the brand name of each fragrance oil company. In this case, you would simply state "Fragrance Oil" or "Scented Oil" on your label. If, however, you are using essential oils from another brand, you would want to list the specific essential oil used along with the Latin name. For example, Lavender Essential Oil would be listed as Lavandula Angustifolia.

Another rule of thumb, to make sure you are safely selling your product, is to double-check labeling laws where you live!


From our P&J Trading family to yours, we hope this helps answer any questions you may have had and encourages you to sell your own crafts! We support all of our creators! Check out our Fragrance Oils you can use in your next product.